Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday: Week in the Life

frost protection

morning smoothie

local firemen

The view from my new office! #weekinthelife

After barreling head first into spring, we had a cold snap in the DC area, and the tomato babies came inside. I paused on my way to work this morning to open the balcony blinds and snap this picture. Believe it or not*, I also took the time to make myself some breakfast. I've been on a smoothie kick, since blending strawberries into daiquiris on Saturday. This beauty has banana, coconut, and carrots!

The firefighters around the corner from my office are too cute. I love when they fire up the grill toward the end of the day. Ladies, this is a flirting opportunity waiting to happen!

Speaking of offices, I spent a decent chunk of my day moving. I was offered a bigger office with a window**, and I couldn't turn it down. Why, yes, that is the Washington Monument in the distance.

* This rarely happens. In fact, I would bet that I have he fastest morning routine of anyone reading.
** The office I moved from was an internal office with only a window into the hallway.

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