Monday, April 30, 2012

Lazy crafter strikes again!

If I were to only write about crafts, I'm afraid I'd have to specialize in cutting corners. I can't help but wing it at least 75% of the time. Because of this, I shouldn't be surprised that my most recent idea was a bust. The grand plan was to cover an old Ikea couch (that I'm too cheap to replace) with thrifted lace panels. Sadly, the couch in my head was not the one I wound up with. Oh well...a girl has to try :-)

One of my projects that did turn out the way I envisioned is the quote from Galileo I've been stenciling on my bedroom wall for the past two weeks.


Stenciling, obviously, is easier than what I was trying to do to my couch, but I was fully aware of my ability to screw it up when I started. Unlike other projects, I allowed myself the time to tackle a letter at a time. Seriously, I only painted a new letter when the previous one was dry and used my baseboard as a level. Easy! You guys who always have patience and a willingness to measure are awesome!

stencil tools

I finally finished the stencil on my bedroom wall!


  1. i love love that quote!!

  2. It's definitely a magical quote, Nichole.