Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday: Week in the Life

Trying out the Hunger Games-style braid before bed. Exciting Friday ;-) #weekinthelife


Thrifted blanket

attempted DIY

I finally finished the stencil on my bedroom wall!

nailed it

It struck me last night how devoid of people my Week in the Life photos are. I spent time around people (gym buddies, coworkers), but the busy week didn't really lend itself to a lot of extracurricular activities. Instead, I decided to add a bit of me in the mix. My wild Friday night consisted partly of me trying a Hunger Games-style braid.

I got up early this morning to hit the thrift stores. Since moving to my new apartment, I've had my eye out for a dresser and nightstand. I was also looking for lace curtains for a little project I had in mind. I spent a lot of time hemming and hawing over to slipper chairs that seemed in really good conditions and a dresser that needed a little love. I'm still thinking about them. I really want to go back and get the chairs, but I'm so leery of thrifted upholstery. The only thing I couldn't resist is this colorful polyester quilt. It won't stay on my bed but will be nice for cabins and forts :-)

The lace I was looking for was part of a grand scheme to recover my old couch. I'm not particularly happy with the way it turned out, so I'll likely be pulling out staples later tonight. I did finish the quote I've been stenciling along a baseboard in my bedroom and am pleased as punch.

My nails were also in need of a little love. Several had recently broke and at least two others were getting so long they made typing difficult.

I love productive Saturdays. 


  1. Ohmygosh...that quilt is beautiful!! :) Love it!

  2. I couldn't resist it, Michelle. I'm even okay with the fact that it seems to have been made from polyester pants!