Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Search for Stars Hollow: List Love


Tuesday was a good day for lists (and my quest for the perfect small town). Both Smithsonian and Travel + Leisure released lists highlighting some of America's hidden gems.  

Smithsonian magazine provided a list of The 20 Best Small Towns in America that features one of my newer loves, Staunton. I was also stoked to see that Marfa made the list. I've had it on my to-visit list for the past five years, and my mom and I are determined to road trip there this year. I dare you to tell me the gazebo in the photo accompanying the Brattleboro* writeup doesn't look like the Stars Hollow set.  

Travel + Leisure focused on America's Greatest Main Streets and also featured some towns I now need to visit. I'm going to give these guys the benefit of the doubt and overlook the fact that they included Denton, Texas on the list. I see a brilliant road trip in the making!

*We won't talk about the Siloam, AR photo and the fact that I see a potential project there. ;-)

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