Tuesday, December 28, 2004

*Watch these rentals*

We rented a crapload of movies this weekend, but my two favorite (sorry Napoleon Dynamite) were (1) Saved! and (2) Dirty Pretty Things. If you haven't seen them already, make haste to the video store and pick them up. (1) funny, satirical, true...(2) honest and lovely. I'm terrible at reviews, but hell, I do think both of these are worth picking up.

Early morning flight tomorrow back home and just know that I am going to be awoken at 3:30 am to begin the 5 hour trek to the Dallas airport. Happy birthday, Charlie! Your gift will be in the mail when I get home (Eragon and my laptop...some surprise, huh?).

Monday, December 27, 2004

Sunshine and waves...here I come!

What did Santa bring this merry blogger? A trip to Puerto Rico! 5 days at the end of January spent learning to surf, kayaking the ocean, and roaming the streets of old San Juan. I am so psyched! I don't expect a tan, but some old fashioned R&R and fun in the sun is definitely in order. Some salsa at night with a cute Puerto Rican wouldn't hurt either : ) I just have to pick up my ticket at the airport when I fly back to DC tomorrow. Ahhhhh (the sound of stress leaving my body).

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Retreated, rested and back

I'm back, and I have the say the retreat turned out to be a smashing success from a staff bonding perspective. I work with some really great people who are freaking hilarious. There was much poker, dancing, and falling down (and whacking one's head against the stairs). My body is still sore from that last night.

I also came to the realization on the drive home with Steve yesterday that I need to do something about BN. I need to either (1) drastically cut back my hours or (2) start making the job work for me. If I'm going to working there so many hours, then I need to start spending my money on things that will make me happy (surfing lessons, a new canoe, some vacation time, spa visits, a trip to Africa, grad school). Once I start grad school, I'll have to cut back on my hours anyway, but in the meantime, I need to cut back on the books and focus on other things I want out of life. Life is too short, and while I'm working hard, I'm seriously slacking in the 'play hard' arena.