Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day in the Life, 03.30.13

7:00 AM Driven out of bed by a sore back. Grab a bottle of water and settle on the couch to read.

9:00 AM Meet workout buddy at the gym for some treadmill time. As much as I hate to admit it, I always feel better after leaving the gym.

caffeine = super powers

10:00 AM Firm up my afternoon plans and grab a venti soy latte to fuel me.

waiting for the Sign Doc premiere!

1:38 PM Waiting to watch the premiere of Sign Painters (much anticipated by me and so good) at Renwick Gallery!

steven at Renwick Gallery

3:30 PM Checking out some of the pieces in the Craft Gallery.

Renwick display

5:00 PM Late lunch/early dinner at Sweetgreen in the Reston Town Center. I'm a huge fan of their earth bowl.

6:15 PM Picking up groceries and other supplies for the week. Five days until Seattle!

7:45 PM The portraits on display at Renwick were really cool. My favorite was a somewhat austere woman seated beside a gigantic gray cat. It inspired me to pick back up my wacky portrait project. Stopped by Michaels to refresh my paint supply.

8:21 PM Pajamas, water, couch.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013



1. DryBar as part of continued birthday celebrations for Scarlet
2. Steven's concert
3. DC on my way to Maryland
4. Calm before the storm; empty classroom before a Johns Hopkins University presentation
5. Maryland Board of Public Works meeting during "snowquestration"