Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer isn't all bad

Even though I've been out of school for longer than I care to discuss, I still think of Labor Day as summer's last fling, and judging by the buzz on the internet, I am not alone. Despite that fact that I've never been a fan of the heat (and that fall is my favorite season OF ALL TIME), I thought I would mark the end of my summer with a list* of those things that make summer a-ok.

- popsicles
- flip flops and the ability to wear them without eliciting looks of concern**
- getting a little summer color and a new crop of freckles
- fireflies
- cool water on a hot day
- driving with the windows down
- outdoor concerts and movies (though I only took advantage of one of each this year)

* an easier way to get back into blogging
** You try wearing them in the winter time and see if you get weird looks.