Monday, December 31, 2007

The going home list

I write this as I try to convince myself to go to sleep. I have an early flight tomorrow that will take me from San Angelo, TX to Fairfax, VA. God, coming home makes me so contemplative. Thoughts tumbling in my head like a hamster chasing its shadow as it runs on it wheel. Tonight I’m trying to remember the little things about this place that I always forget. The little things that make me shake my head but also what make me love it just a little.

I always forget that

• Each bedroom in my house has a vanity for doing one’s hair and makeup and that it’s so much nicer to do this at a vanity than at a bathroom mirror.
• One town can feel like two towns and that each side of town has to have its own Wal-Mart, Sonic, and various other establishments.
• Texans keep Wrangler in business.
• “hon” is the proper way to greet someone.
• Everything is so flat and the buildings so low.
• Certain rooms in my house seem to have animal themes. It’s a wonder I didn’t grow up to be some PETA nut or a veterinarian.
• I could own a house for $20,000 and a mansion for $300,000.
• Beige has to be written into the town bylaws somewhere.
• My milkshake does, indeed, bring all the boys to the yard.
• It’s good to have a place called home.