Sunday, November 29, 2009

Search for Stars Hollow: Shepherdstown, WV

You may or may not know of my love for Gilmore Girls. One of the many things I love about the show is the sense of community they have in Stars Hollow. Here is a (albeit fictional) town that has a number of thriving small businesses, the right amount of quirky characters, that quaint charm that seems so hip now, and an amazing assortment of community events. While watching the show, it slowly began to dawn on me that I want a town where I can walk to my local diner and they'll have the diet coke on the counter before I get there. I want to know all of my neighbors and be able to help plan a 24-hour dance-a-thon for charity or throw a parade just because it is Tuesday. I want small galleries and local theater and to be assured that growth will be capped*, and I want all of it within 2 to 3 hours of a larger metropolitan area.

So, for the past year or so, I've been on a quest for my own perfect Stars Hollow. I google-stalk the hometowns of people who seem to lead cool or interesting lives and venture off major thoroughfares in my travels in the hopes of coming across some hidden jewel. In an effort to get myself blogging again, I thought I would share some of my finds every now and then. I don't know everything under the sun about the towns or consider myself an expert. It's just fun to share!

Over the past couple of days, I ventured to West Virginia with a group of friends and stumbled into Shepherdstown. I've been to WV a few times (and even think I hit the corner of Shep once) but surprised to realize I'd never explored Shepherdstown (and know the least about it). I'm a sucker for a well-utilized downtown area, so was immediately taken with the number of cute shops (they put out cookies for visitors on the's the details, folks) and restaurants taking up residence in the town's historic buildings.

This little town is nestled along the Potomac River and a hop skip and a jump from Harper's Ferry.

In addition to having great places to play in the water, it boasts the most adorable public library and the Four Seasons Bookstore with the entire upper floor dedicated to children's titles.

Theater is not lost on the denizens of Shepherdstown either. This little pocket of WV is also home to the Shepherdstown Opera House, the Full Circle Theater and is host to the annual Contemporary American Film Festival.

Personally, I recommend making a dinner reservation at the Bavarian Inn next time you're in town and settling in for tasty German fare (word is it's pretty authentic). The stunning views of the Potomac don't hurt.

Again, I was only in town briefly, but it was enough to peak my interest enough for future visits. Another selling point...I do believe they do not have a Wal-Mart.


1. Kyle Walton 2. thisisbossi 3. ChelseaMarieRoberson

*Even if it means I can't move there.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I wish I could bring myself to write more substantive stuff, but after many long hours at work, I really just want to browse for eye candy and creative ideas when I get online. That being said, I thought I would take a moment and share the work of one of my favorite artists. I absolutely adore most everything that Lisa Congdon creates and constantly find inspiration in her work (even in her home decor). She's been featured like everywhere, but in the event you've existed without knowing her artwork, I want to do my little part to remedy that :-) All the work below is hers and links to various sites she has or has been featured on.