Wednesday, April 18, 2012

List: Endorsed, Love the Earth Edition

A gift from Patagonia and a sneak peek at the quote I'm stenciling on my wall. 

- Patagonia! If you can't bear to go a holiday without shopping, consider a shop that also gives back. Patagonia believes in corporate responsibility and helping protect the places its customers love best. They also repurpose materials whenever possible. The tote bag above is made from old PFDs. Pretty cool.

- If you're in the DC area, come out Sunday to the first annual float-in on the Anacostia River. This year is the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, and it's more important than ever to stand up and let your voice be heard about potential rollbacks. If it floats, grab it and join everyone on the river. While you're at it, sing out little bird and let your voice be heard.

 - Want to treat yourself to a day of beauty? Find a participating Aveda salon and treat yourself to a hair cut, facial or massage. Proceeds during the month of April benefit Aveda's clean water partners.

- 7 toughest guys working to save our natural resources, according to Discovery.

-  Jerry James Stone's YouTube cooking channel, Cooking Stoned. Jerry is the main recipe developer for Treehugger and cooks with an eye toward natural ingredients and the environment with plenty of vegetarian and vegan recipes.

- Campfire Chic. Check out Cam's blog for her stories of hiking and park hopping along the West Coast.

If you think you're up for a more hardcore challenges, hit me up. I've got lots of ideas for those who don't mind getting dirty. :-)

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