Saturday, April 14, 2012

Road food: I get around

hummus in Waynesboro  
Who knew you could find amazing hummus and homemade pita in Waynesboro, VA? 

My work takes me out and about on a regular basis, and a good road trip is also one of my favorite ways to while away a weekend. If I can swing it, I like to take advantage of this and try new places to eat. This doesn't always work out (sadly, most of the time, particularly with work travel, I have to cram in some McDonalds between meetings), but when I get the chance for a little culinary adventure.

We've had pulled pork sandwiches in the back of antique malls along Virginia's Crooked Road and an intriguing sausage plate with venison and bockwurst in a converted mill in Ellicott City.

BBQ Country

The barbecue above is from BBQ Country. Late last year I was flipping through Garden & Gun magazine and made a mental note that one of the best barbecue places in the south was in Virginia. This place is really the definition of hole in the wall and really more of a truck stop (i.e., the kinds of places that always seem to have the best food).

Italian flag pizza  
This pizza also came from the wilds of Virginia. 

Does food factor into your travel at all? For me, it's a fun way to experience a new town (or new culture).


  1. Anonymous11:40 PM

    WHERE is this pizza from?!?!? ME WANTS!

  2. Where is that pizza from? It looks delish!

    Found your blog from another one I was reading...Howdy :)

  3. It's from a place called Chickpea in Waynesboro, VA. It's their Italian flag pizza ;-)

    Thanks for stopping by, Duchess!