Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday: Week in the Life

Falls Church commute

view from my desk

Tuesday lunch, #weekinthelife

proof of life

Some days my commute takes me through Falls Church and past this strip of shops, many of them specializing in Indian food, wares, etc. I've never stopped, but there is a sari shop that I imagine to be completely fabulous.

Bits of nature seem to find their way back with me. However, each of these pieces are more than random wood and rock. The wood you see, both big and small, are pieces of historic dams buried for more than 200 years. The rocks on top of the wood are pieces of concrete from two really large dams that came down this year in Washington. The other rock was a gift from a friend's trip to the Yukon to film hunting expeditions. Despite all of this, I manage to make room to eat lunch at my desk almost every day.

My day wound down on a treadmill. I'm currently struggling with feelings of animosity toward the gym. I was quite smitten for a good 8 months but lost that loving feeling right before Christmas. Still, I go and continue to put even bigger holes in my shirt with my locker key.

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