Monday, April 02, 2012

Going for broke

tomato seeds

I've wanted to grow things in my apartment for years. My whole apocalypse preparedness plan is contingent on being able to grow my own food. :-)

The problem is that I'm an apartment dweller that, for the past five years, has lived in a space with only a well-shaded balcony. I'm thrilled with the natural light that floods my new apartment every morning, and I'm finally taking the plunge and trying to grow something.

watering the seeds baby succulent

This Saturday I sowed my tomato seeds and repotted this baby succulent. Now I just need to keep them alive. Seriously, I have whatever the opposite is of a green thumb. A coworker brought an aloe plant into the office for me, and I managed to kill that!

Maybe I've thought too much about this, but growing something from scratch and keeping it alive can be stressful! I worry it's not getting enough water and wind up with little muddy puddles. If I'm not worrying, then I tend to forget I have something alive, and it suffers from my neglect. No wonder I don't have kids!

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