Monday, December 05, 2011

Saturday at the Old Lucketts Store

Red door

Saturday morning I went with Ravena to Lucketts, VA to pop into one of my favorite antique stores. They have such a well-curated, repurposed collection that it's difficult to not want everything. I'll admit I walk around in a bit of a daze when there.

Christmas house birds of a feather

I was on the hunt for brush bottle trees for my winter forest (pics in the next post) and found it difficult to maintain my focus. Sometimes it's such a struggle to differentiate between want versus need. Little ballerina cake toppers and majestic headbands? So tempting.

adorable covered houses

I did manage to steal away with a miniature house for my forest and a tiny bell jar. For more pictures of their offerings, check out Flickr.

festive taxidermy

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  1. Oh I am loving that place looks like you had a great time!~