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My friend, Patty, got the wild idea to organize and participate in Reverb this year. Reverb, at its simplest, is a daily writing/blog challenge with prompts to encourage creativity and the opportunity to share with your community. Patty partnered up with her friend, Ding*, to develop the topics and put the whole thing together. They even gave the challenge a fun title, 31 Days with Ding and Doy (#31DDD). You should check out what she has planned and read up on how they got those crazy nicknames. Of course, if you know anyone who has ever been overtaken by a wild idea, you know they always attempt to recruit followers to the fold. Who am I to resist a challenge with the words Ding and Doy in it?

So, without further ado, today's challenge topic/question: why are YOU participating in #31DDD?

I decided to jump on board #31DDD for a couple of reasons. First, I am a firm believer that, when a friend asks you to do something, you should do everything** in your power to make it happen. Not only does it give you warm, fuzzy feelings doing something for someone else, you may actually experience a little personal growth. When that friend happens to ask you to participate in something you actually enjoy, saying no would be ridiculous.

However, I have another reason for wanting to participate. I like to write. As a young girl, I would fill spiral-bound notebooks with stories of adventure and intrigue. I've always had words bound up inside me, clamoring to get out. Phrases, ideas, and sentences play on repeat in my head until I get them on paper (or computer). Why not embrace the opportunity to flex those muscles and develop ideas around a daily challenge? You should ask yourself why you aren't participating (and then hop on board).

Once folks start posting their responses, I'll link up with other participating.

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent. You can read the full story here

**This should probably exclude breaking the law and things you really do hate or that make you incredibly uncomfortable (maybe).


  1. What an awesome pic. I identify so much with the person you are writing about and I've forgotten that I've always, always been a writer first. Thanks for reminding me. Needed that.

  2. How fun! Can't wait to follow along...

  3. DOY - Thank YOU!

    Courtney - Yay!