Saturday, December 10, 2011

#31DDD: two


Two. It's the number of togetherness. It's the land of pairs, other halves, opposites, and winners and losers. Two may be the least lonely number in the world. Think about it. Once you hit three, there exists the possibility for overcrowding and being left out.

In honor of the #2 (and being forbid from using any scatalogical humor), I give you some link love inspired by this lovely number.
  • These felt baby shoes. Quite the pair! I have two little babies sort of in my life that I want to make these for. Thanks, Purl Bee!
  • Two frolicking, baby goats. If it is indeed possible to die from cuteness, you may want to have a doctor handy. via @cyprinellaj
  • A Christmas Duel by Cyndi Lauper and the Hives, which also happens to be #2 in my playlist. Thanks, Danny Brito!
  • Two if By Sea. Doesn't this Nova Scotia coffeehouse and bakery look adorable?