Monday, December 05, 2011

#31DDD: last song/album you bought

The last song I purchased was Brand New Key by Melanie (the song from the HP commercial). I was hanging out in Texas between conferences last November, preparing for an 8-hour road trip to Galveston with my mom. I was making a mix CD for our trip and snagged this one after my mom told me how much she liked it.


  1. As in 2010?! Girl, you need to buy some music.

  2. Yep. Do you know the last album I bought? Smashing Pumpkins. I've had CDs on my list to buy, but since I lost my ipod, I just never prioritize it. Good thing the fate of the music industry doesn't rest on me.

  3. You lost your ipod? I can't remember if I knew this.

    But you can still listen on your computer! I'd say I'd make you a CD, but we all know I'd never get around to it.