Thursday, December 29, 2011

Catching up on some #31DDD

Breakfast of Champions #decdaily Grain-fed outside of Fort Worth
Chicago dog Portal
A few photos from my trip to Texas. 

I fell behind on my #31DDD prompts over the holidays, so I'm taking a cheat day to knock a few out.

What was the last real, personal piece of mail you received? Who was it from?
The last piece of personal mail I received was a surprise cookbook from my mom. She saw me mention it on the blog and mailed it to me. :-) She's putting me to shame in the mail department!

If you could have chosen your own name, what would it be? Why? 
You know, when I was little I remember wanting a different name, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. I'm pretty sure I even lied a told a couple of people my fake name.

What dish do people wish you would make all the time?
I don't share my cooking enough with other people for me to know what people would request. Is that weird? I bring people food, but I never seem to bring the same thing. I guess you could say I don't have a signature dish that I'm known for.

How old were your parents when they had you? What were you doing or hope to be doing at that age?
My mom was 26 when she had me. When I turned 26, I had just started at my current job a few months before. I took a huge cut in pay to work for a non-profit, so I was also moonlighting for an environmental group called Clean Water Action. Essentially, I was working my tail off when I turned 26. That birthday, in particular, hit me pretty hard. I think it was a combination of crossing over that mid-twenties hump and because I knew it was how old my mom was when she had me.

What's your dream job, no holds barred?
I'm still like a little kid who wants to be a fireman and a doctor and a baseball player. My dream job would be able to do everything I've always wanted and not just one. Can I run a gallery, write novels, and travel to Africa doing humanitarian work? Want to know a secret? I'm pretty sure I still can ;-)

Will you have resolutions for 2012? If yes, what are some of them? If no, why not?
I'll likely pull together some resolutions for 2012. I always set new goals around my birthday and try to think of tackling loftier life changes around the new year. It's an important tradition and kind of neat how we all band together in pursuit of betterment. Maybe I'll post a few once I figure out what they should be.

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