Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#31DDD: draw your picture on a post-it


Right now I'm on a train barreling through West Virginia, headed to Chicago (and eventually San Antonio). As such, I'm fresh out of post-it notes. Still, writers always manage to have a notebook with them, right?

Do you know what I forgot about train travel? It's extremely bumpy. Just four hours into my trip and I am the best shaken martini on the block. I'm super thankful I don't get motion sickness, but it does hamper my ability to snap a non-blurry shot.

The second part of today's prompt asks me to talk about my facial expression in the drawing. If you can't tell, I'm giving the side eye to a fellow passenger. While this gentleman is perfectly nice, his lungs, blackened with tar, are in the process of giving up the fight. My dear smoker can't seem to quit coughing and hacking (and asking when the next smoke stop is).

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