Friday, October 21, 2011

Small Demons

Cat Womans Whippin' Cream, Shaunna Peterson
Piece by Shaunna Peterson snapped by me at Art Whino last year

I think I just had a pop culture orgasm. I snagged a beta invite today to Small Demons, and I'm already in love. Imagine a site that takes the books we love and maps out their broader links to people, movies, music, and places referenced within its pages. As someone who has been known to fall down many a rabbit hole following the little eggs left throughout shows like Gilmore Girls or visit music clubs referenced in Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, this site has potential to be such a fun tool in broadening the way we experience books and the universe the characters we read about inhabit. 

Do you read The Other Boleyn Girl and find yourself googling Anne Boleyn or the Tudors? Visit the site and snag yourself an invite.


  1. You KNOW I obsessively look everything up on wikipedia as I watch a show! AWESOME!

    By the way, that picture is diirrrrty!

  2. Yeah, I never think to look too closely at that piece but did notice it might be a tad inappropriate this time. Oh well!