Sunday, October 16, 2011

Party @ the Walters

Party @ the Walters Party @ the Walters

As a little girl, I wasn't above dreaming about getting all dolled up and going to fancy parties. Recently, I got a bug up my butt (clearly, I need a little class in my life) and decided that I wanted to put on a shiny dress and go to a place where dancing was expected. Enter the Walters Art Museum stage left and their Party @ the Walters.

taking a breather

I grabbed a partner in crime, and we headed to the museum with the promise of dancing, fanciness, and an open bar. The fact that I also got to experience all this in an art museum while previewing Lost and Found: The Secrets of Archimedes (not really the type of art that calls to me) before it opened today was just the cherry.


There was lots of laughing and sizing up the competition. Can you believe they played Golddigger at a fundraising event? Perfect. And, yes, I did let an older gentleman twirl me around on the dance floor for a few seconds. :-)

Ready to leave


  1. Oh this makes me want to go to an art museum and snap pictures! So fun!