Friday, October 21, 2011

Let's get nostalgic: first cassette

Why, yes, that is me busting a move. I bet you're wishing So You Think You Can Dance had been around when I was young. 

I've been catching up on older episodes of NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour during my recent car trips and happened upon an older episode where the cast talks about some of their pop culture firsts. I thought it would be fun to take their lists and blog about my own firsts. I love looking back and thinking about how much my taste has changed (or not). I was also a little motivated by the fact that I actually had a hard time digging that far back. I can't promise these are my true firsts, but they are the ones that managed to stand out.

Let's get one thing clear. We're talking cassette purchases here, no 8-tracks or vinyl. Don't even talk to me about CDs because I'm pretty sure they weren't around. I have to confess that I kind of miss cassettes. How many of us spent many hours perched over our boom boxes with a blank cassette at the ready, waiting to capture our favorite songs as they played on the radio? Why didn't I think to keep some of those mixtapes?

One of my first music purchases was Def Leppard's Hysteria, largely because of Pour Some Sugar on Me. I was more than a little into hair bands. Also, let us not forget Love Bites.


  1. I can't remember! I know it was from one of those music clubs where you got like 10 albums for a penny and then you were signed up for their delivery once a month. Richard Marx, maybe? If we were talking about CDs, I know that one because I didn't start buying CDs until I was 16 and had my first job so that I could buy my first CD player.

  2. I miss cassette too! And I love me some hair pains

    Have a great Friday!


  3. They do have gorgeous hair! My little brother loves their band. I think he was the first to introduce them to me even. So funny! Great post!
    And p.s. Thank you for the Mariah Carey Shake it Off tip!

  4. Sarah - Oh man, Columbia House! It's definitely hard to remember some firsts.

    Glad I'm not alone, Carrie.

    Thanks, Courtney!