Tuesday, October 04, 2011


scenic route 40 as seen from the Castleman's River Bridge

Is it wrong to enter a month already prepared for it to fly by? That's the way I feel about October. The combination of it being my pre-birthday month and a particularly crazy time at work mean that I know I'm right. In an effort to drag the month out as much as possible and ensure I take the time to enjoy it, I've compiled a list fun things to accomplish (my own personal activities scavenger hunt).

- take White's Ferry across the Potomac River
- record a podcast (plans are in the works, people!)
- finally do a corn maze - host a beer tasting in an effort to finally find a beer I can stand to drink
- make a pie (including the crust)
- find a local trail to hike and do it
- go camping (really pushing for tent camping, since I've never done it)

Any suggestions for me? Sadly, I'm afraid this list might already be too ambitious. Oh! I should absolutely mention this list was inspired by the list Carrie put together.


  1. awe thanks for the shout out!! Looks like a great list :)

  2. Allie1:16 PM

    Um, might I suggest "Purchase ticket to Germany" and "get passport in order" be additions to your list?

  3. Sounds like a wonderful list of things to do!

  4. Thanks, ladies! And, yes, Allie, those are definitely October activities. :-)

  5. I want to be involved in the beer tasting!