Monday, March 12, 2012

Picking the paintbrush back up

Portrait project preview, #1

Do you remember when people used to sit for their portraits? I love the idea of being able to pass down portraits of loved ones from generation to generation. Victoria of SF Girl by Bay has posted some inspiring examples of decorating with vintage portraits. One of the things that draws me to these are how they reflect an interpretation of the individual. Don't get me wrong, I love photography, but there is something intimate about a painting.

I've been looking for a new creative project and was suddenly taken when looking back through old photos of friends (I've got some good ones picked out). My project for the next few months is going to be taking some of my favorite photos of friends and family and painting portraits based on them. I finally got around to sketching out my first portrait (Steven!) this weekend. I'm actually afraid to take paint to canvas. Pencil is so much more forgiving! Instead, I spent last night googling the best way to get the right skin tone. Eek!!

Some of the creative folks inspiring this project...

portrait inspiration
(1) The Commission Project (2) SF Girl by Bay (3) Apartment Therapy

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