Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greatest hits

greatest hits
Wednesday nights in the sleepy bedroom communities of DC are typically wrought with adventure. Take this week for example. Rather than just RSVP for that game night invite, I clicked on the 'past events' tab on Evite. I couldn't stop a slow smile from spreading across my face as I scrolled through the list.

"No Carb Left Behind or Thanksgiving as I know It"
"Terra's Fabulous Fondue Fiesta"
"Auld Land Syne and Black Jack and Poker"
"Iron Chef: Birthday Cake Edition"
"Funeral and Reception for the Leonards (phones)"

The list goes on and on...over five years of birthdays, holidays, game nights, and themed debauchery. These guys are pretty okay in my book, and I love that Evite provided me an opportunity to reminisce.