Monday, March 12, 2012

List: Endorsed, 3.12.12

easy like Sunday morning

I'm a relatively new convert to Slate's Culture Gabfest (thanks, @ipinkgirl), but I've quickly become a fan. At the end of every episode, they each endorse something in a round-robin fashion. I love a good list! I know they're everywhere on the internet*, but I just find them so compelling that I can't help but join in.


- video of the Kinfolk dinner in Brooklyn by Andrew and Carissa
- Amsterdam by Ian McEwan. Ah, Mr. McEwan, I'm embarrassed that I've only just now discovered your effortless writing.
- Scarlet, because she wrote, "you find the coolest things" in an email to me earlier this week, and who wouldn't be flattered by that?

Endorsed is inspired by the Slate Culture Gabfest (and the numerous other lists that circulate online).

*i.e, it violates my rule against conforming to something popular ;-)

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