Thursday, March 08, 2012

Getting domestic, the Joy the Baker edition

Baked lemon risotto
Tonight's baked lemon risotto. Isn't it pretty?

The making of things has been pretty slow around these parts. I'm slowly getting back in the routine of cooking following the month of eating out (and eating crap) leading up to my move. When I do look back at some of my favorites over the past few weeks, I seem to have a Joy the Baker theme going, and it only seems fitting with her first cookbook being released. I don't know about you, but I'm excited to pick up a copy for myself. :-)

So what exactly have I been making?
  • baked lemon risotto - My first risotto! I tried this tonight and was shocked that it actually turned out. I've always heard so many horror stories about how difficult risotto is, but Joy makes it easy. Despite how easy it was, making it completely tired me out. I don't get home from work until 7/7:30, so I generally only heat up things I make on the weekend. Dinner at 9:30 confirmed that I should stick my weekend strategy.
  • simple vegan chocolate cake - I told you I have a Joy the Baker theme happening! Another recipe made easy. While I have found I'm pretty good at cooking, baking is so not my forte. My only piece of advice is to use good coffee. I used coffee from McDonald's, and I'm pretty sure I could tell the difference.
  • Mexican taco stew - This recipe has quickly become a go-to over the past year.
  • mustard-baked chicken with a pretzel crust - I fell quickly for this chicken recipe. It's not terribly difficult (do you see the pattern here) and tastes amazing. Found via Dinner: A Love Story.
Any recipes I should be making?

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  1. all of those recipes make me hungry. must try all of them1