Thursday, March 22, 2012

List: Endorsed, 3.22.12

Saddle up to the dairy bar

I noticed a theme was emerging as I scrolled through a list of the links I've been collecting. I swear I think about more than food. Still, this appears to be the foodie edition, so I'm dedicating this to two of my favorite foodies (@ipinkgirl and Foodie and the Beatz)!


- Naomi's puffed pancake recipe, I tried these toward the beginning of the month and ended up having them for breakfast all weekend. Pretty tasty and easy to make.

- Remedy Quarterly, I love well-designed niche magazines, and this one looks so smart. via 101cookbooks and Food52

- Outstanding in the Field, I've mentioned this one before, but it's still a goal of mine to go. Tickets for their 2012 tour just went on sale. At $200/person, I may need to find a sponsor. ;-)

- An illustrated map of food bloggers, via 101cookbooks

- Where the Fuck Should I Go to Eat?  This might be the perfect solution to all those times we stand around and ask, "where do you want to eat?" "I don't know. Where do you want to eat?" via Kara Haupt

- maggieonthemove, a traveler who makes me dream of getting back out in the world. via Scarlet

Endorsed is inspired by the Slate Culture Gabfest (and the numerous other lists that circulate online).


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  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    thanks so much for the shout out on your blog. i really appreciate it!!!!