Sunday, December 22, 2013

December Daily 20 + 21

I left the house on Friday for the first time since I arrived in San Angelo, and evidently, I was into it because we were barely home today (lots of errands largely centered around putting together our meal plan for Christmas week and securing the groceries). I ended my temporary hibernation yesterday with lunch out with my grandpa. He took me to Chef's Corner, a local place he and my mom like. If you can't tell, we also got some rain. In West Texas, that's akin to manna falling* from heaven.

Speaking of manna from heaven, we had Whataburger for dinner tonight. Basically, if you're ever in Texas, try Whataburger. Enough said.

My grandpa went to watch the college girls' basketball team play earlier today, and we picked him up from the arena. Is it just me, or does that ram have an abnormally large pair of balls? Does everything have to be bigger in Texas?

Finally, new phone!

*In a weird juxtaposition of thoughts, I accidentally typed 'following' at first, and now I feel compelled to mention how excited I am that The Following is back on in January!

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