Thursday, December 12, 2013

December Daily 11 + 12

December Daily 11

December Daily 10

The process of taking and posting these photos has led me to rethink whether I should share these. I'm afraid endless photos depicting some facet of me working* will bum you out. Fear not, friends, for I am lucky enough to drive pass this abundant display of holiday decadence almost every day! How is that for holiday goodness? Also, in other exciting news, I decided to grab The Gobbler sandwich from Wawa for dinner last night on my way home from a meeting. As someone who celebrates Thanksgiving with others and usually doesn't indulge in leftovers, it's a nice post-holiday treat. It's how I imagine Ross's "moistmaker" sandwich tastes.

*Seriously, though, if you find yourself feeling like all I'm doing is working, just remember my two-month paid sabbatical in January, and that will clear any pity right up. Plus, I go to Texas next week, and work photos will take on a bit of a homey twang.

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