Monday, December 02, 2013

December Daily 02

December Dailies 02

I almost forgot to be festive today. Every now and then I feel a bit like a creature of the night during the winter, arriving at and departing work under the cover of darkness. An overcast sky meant my office was darker than usual. Death to fluorescent--I refuse to turn mine on. Coworkers usually begin to comment about 4:30 on the potential damage to my eyesight. I tell them it's a familiar refrain from my childhood. I'm a low-light reader from way back.

The dearth of daylight reflects not upon my soul or how my day actually went. It was a Monday, an expense reports and timesheets are due kind of Monday. It was a staff waffle breakfast, here's a free afternoon cookie kind of Monday. It was a plan that holiday dinner with your favorite Maryland colleagues, stop for an eggnog milkshake on the way home kind of Monday.


  1. Love dark days:) I am happiest when the sun sets by 5 and the sun is nowhere to be seen.

    1. I'll file this under ways in which we are different :-)