Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Daily 01

Coffee @ my local shop
Jireh, one of my local coffee shops.

I decided to participate in December Daily on a whim today. I'm not really a create an album kind of girl (much admiration, very low commitment), but I feel particularly compelled to commit to something that will force me to slow down and take the time to soak in my surroundings this month. Earlier today, I sat in front of my computer, hyperventilating a bit over everything I need to get done in the next 30 days, and realized that there is no time for Christmas or the magic of the holidays in all of my plans. Much of this stress is over the fact that I begin a two-month sabbatical in 31 days. This means that I need to wrap up/assign/get to a good place all of my work that needs to continue without me during January and February. This doesn't even take into account that they're asking a control freak (me) to trust other people to handle my babies (projects). Don't get me wrong, I'm incredibly blessed, lucky, etc. that my organization offers me this opportunity, and it will be amazing. However, the days leading up to it? Panic attack material, my friends.

Anyway, I probably won't be putting together an album, but I do want to take and blog at least one photo every day this month as a way to remind myself to find and create some magical moments amid all the craziness that December brings.


  1. Love the idea of making it simple / going with just photos + words!

    1. Thanks, Megan. We'll see how it goes!

  2. Kudos to you for blogging everyday. I need to follow your lead and apply that logic to my novel, lol.