Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A year to be proud of

Twelve months ago I threw down the gauntlet, declaring that 2013 would be the year I would spend less time consuming and more of it creating. I would give the ideas on that personal to-do list a home in the real world. Judging from my watching and reading lists I posted yesterday, you would think I slipped, that I was conquered by all of the books clamoring to be read, but you would be so wrong. I managed to find time. Granted, I gave things up and chose to make sacrifices. My gym attendance got spottier and spottier the further we got into the year, and I pretty much gave up meal planning and cooking for the week by the time we got to June. Also, despite my love of good TV, I couldn't tell you what happened on Breaking Bad and only know the Dexter spoilers because of a podcast. I missed Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black, and House of Cards, and I couldn't talk to you about Betty Draper.

In their place, yes, I read more books, but I also created two podcasts. They may not be professionally recorded or perfect, but we created them. They are getting better and better, and for that, I'm proud.

I also wrote an essay and submitted it for publication. While the publication wasn't the right choice for this particular work, actually writing and submitting it was the goal. It scared the crap out of me to do it.

I wrote 95% percent of my first novel and definitely surpassed my 50,000 word count goal. It's not done done, but I'm counting it!

I developed a business idea (a bit strange for me) and began drafting a business plan.

We finally filmed a sequel to Reader's Advantage (to be edited in January 2014).

Yes, this year was a good one that was filled with family, friends, and travel. I can only pray that the new year will be as good.


  1. Okay, but I'm going to need you to watch Orphan Black and Game of Thrones ASAP:)

    Yay for a good year, though! You forgot to mention deciding on an orchestra name;)

  2. Yay! Hope you accomplish more in 2014. Lord knows I need to catch up to you on the book thing.