Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekending, 06.29.13

I can't really explain it, but I'm just not ready to give up on this comic book thing. I'm determined to find something that resonates with me. So, when I found out the Annapolis Comic-Con was going to be this past weekend (and that it was only $10 to get in), I jumped at the chance to go, immediately texting Ravena to see if she wanted to come with.


I went expecting lines and costumes, but the thing I managed to forget was that people actually want to talk to you at these conventions (and they expect you to already know the ins and outs of their world). This had the potential to be a huge hurdle for this shy introvert, but luckily, I had two things going for me.

(1) I've learned to fake it and work through my shyness over the years. I think I do a pretty good job of appearing outgoing and chatting with strangers when, inside, I'm actually dying.
(2) I brought a translator (aka friend with comic cred).

Once I got a handle on my nerves and figured out which aggressive tables to avoid, I had a good time. I really enjoyed looking at artist portfolios and snagged the coolest (funniest) poster for my office door that I'll be sure to share once I snap a photo.


I was also on a mission to procure the first few issues of the new Wonder Woman reboot. I remember watching the TV series with Linda Carter as a little girl and liking this kick-ass heroine. I also have this theory that I may have an easier time getting into a series if I start from the beginning (or the new beginning in this case).

Do you know what was insanely frustrating? A seemingly unending sea of white boxes (see above) filled with random comics in no particular order. Who has time for that? Not this girl. I just don't have patience for that kind of hunt. I did snag the first few issues of Wonder Woman but ended up doing so from vendors who labeled their boxes and had the comics in alphabetical order. Score for the organized peeps of the world!

We ended the convention with a hop inside the tardis and took photos with The Walking Dead backdrop. Part of me wanted to stay for the zombie apocalypse training, but the crowds were beginning to press in. As we stepped into the bright sunlight, sidestepping yet another character I didn't know, Ravena pointed out that I might not be quite ready for the 30,000+ people that flock to Otakon in Baltimore. ;-)

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  1. Maybe the random boxes are more for the treasure hunt seekers? I wouldn't last long at that, either.