Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hustler seeking friends for wacky ideas

Scarlet's birthday, 02.16.13
This may be the look Steven sometimes gives me when I say I have an idea.

 My mind is almost always* whirring at 100 mph, spinning from idea to idea. [In fact, I just stopped writing this post in order to add things to my grocery list that I thought of in the shower.] I'm pretty okay with this--minus the sometimes ADD-like hopping around from task to task at work. I like being the kind of person who is interested in a lot of things and is constantly thinking of things to do, try and see.

It's my friends you should feel sorry for. I'm a hustler who is always recruiting for these ideas. Just this week alone I've emailed, texted or talked to my friend Scarlet about (1) the social media plan we're writing for our favorite bar, (2) what we should name the orchestra we're going to start, (3) mixing music for Ravena's and my book podcast, (4) doing a short film with my friend Jim for a Corcoran contest and (5) a new place we should check out in Fairfax. Just. This. Week. She's not even my only victim. I'm constantly pushing my latest podcast finds (Let's Make Mistakes and Snap Judgement) on Ravena and pulling her into things like our own podcast and photoshoots and coffee hunts. It's to the point where my friend Steven gives me the Serena-and-her-ideas look (usually Scarlet gets it to because we've usually banded together). 

I think I may need to recruit more friends, so that I don't wear these guys out. Any takers? :-)

*Except when it isn't. There are certainly days when the flashing red meltdown lights begin to flash, and my brain begins dumping information like the crew of a sinking ship trying to bail water.

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