Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Thrifty DC: Alamo Drafthouse


I'm going to get over myself and tell you why you should make your way to the Alamo Drafthouse out in the wilds of Ashburn, Virginia (really pushing the bounds of metro DC). I'm going to swallow that tiny, tiny shred of Texas pride I manage to hold onto (you realize I've pretty much shed any remaining dignity by admitting that, right?) and my zealous belief that special things should remain in special places* to tell you about it. Really, I am.

The thing that makes the Alamo Drafthouse truly special isn't their robust menu and in-seat food service. It's all about the special events and screenings they show. For years, I've been jealous of my brother's ability to attend the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Sing-Along and have tried to arrange my Christmas travel schedule so that I can finally attend an Elf Quote-Along. They excel at turning a movie into an interactive event and bonding experience.

How would I spend $20 and while away a Saturday?

Get your rear to the Alamo Drafthouse out in Ashburn (fill up your tank's far) over the next few days and check it out. On Saturday, you can channel the Summer of '83 and watch Jaws 3D on the big screen or roll with your homies next Thursday for the Clueless Quote-Along. It's not really a thrifty outing, especially if you order food, but I can't imagine you having a bad time.

*Can we stop franchising everything please??

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