Sunday, June 23, 2013

a peek inside my head (don't be alarmed)

This time of year is always a challenge at work. Our fiscal year closes, grants end and we're finalizing new budgets and work plans. I guess I include all of that to say that last week was a bit tiring and weird. 

And, by weird, I mean challenging. I found myself struggling with self censorship once again (the first being here on the ol' blog). It's a topic that makes me uncomfortable and almost never sits well with me. A trait that I've always prided myself on is my general forthright, I'll tell you like it is nature in both my professional and personal life. Sure, I've been known to couch things a certain way or bite my tongue in settings like a public meeting, but generally, what you see is what you get. Unfortunately, now I've gone and written an essay that speaks to issues like career and being a woman in the workplace, and I feel forced to assess the risk of fallout if I attempt to publish it under my real name. If I don't, am I not being true to me?

Decisions, decisions.

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