Sunday, June 09, 2013

That's What She Read, episode 3

Recording a new episode of That's What She Read over coffee today. We mention @scarls17.

I'm excited to announce that a new episode of That's What She Read is up! Our goal is to post a new episode every month to allow for life and all of the books in between. Once we get a few episodes in the hopper, we'll migrate to iTunes. In the meantime, do us a solid and listen! We think we're pretty entertaining ;-)

There are a few ways you can listen: stream it; download it; or listen to it on the Soundcloud app.

In this month's episode, I talk about The Secret History by Donna Tartt, What Changes Everything by Masha Hamilton, and the Positron series by Margaret Atwood. Ravena talks about barreling through Alliance of Blood by Ariel Tachna, Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman, and Whoever Fights the Monsters (fanfic) by circ_bamboo and feelslikefire. As more of these make their way up, I think you'll see the breadth of styles we cover and how different our reading proclivities are.

Episode 2 is also online, if you'd like to catch up!

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