Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Give 'em hell

Everything I did in my life that was worthwhile, I caught hell for.

Earl Warren, former Supreme Court Chief Justice

give 'em hell, harry

I spotted this quote tacked to the wall in a state government office today and found it incredibly inspiring.

Lately I have found myself struggling to find the time to accomplish all of the grand goals I have swimming around in my head. Creative goals. Education goals. Professional goals. Political/Activist goals. I almost used a Harry Potter metaphor about splitting myself into multiple people but thought better of it.

Instead, I focus so much energy on just trying to make a difference in one these areas and keep putting others off. There are days when I feel like I spend so much time arguing, stupidly trying to use reason and logic against emotion and stubbornness. It's hard to leave behind to pursue other things. Issue-driven work can leave you as drained as if you spent the day building houses. The emotions, ideas and worries follow you into night and become the dragons you must slay as you sleep. It isn't always this way (but sometimes). On the days that get a little heavy, I hope I can continue to take inspiration from the quote above and keep giving 'em hell. :-)

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