Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painting the roadtrip

Modern art doesn't have to be scary. I love modern art (and I really do think I mean love). It's part of that inspiration addiction I keep talking about. I sometimes feel like there's a growing trend in 'shock' art*, people creating the weird or disturbing simply to be weird and disturbing. I realize this is actually nothing new and that plenty of artists we (i.e., me) now embrace that were considered disturbing back in their day. I like more than my fair share of offbeat artists. Still, there is something sublime in an artist who can paint what your eyes see and your heart feels in such a realistic way.

When I picked up the latest copy of BLUECANVAS magazine and saw the pieces by Brian Martin, I found an artist who does just that.

some good bread

He paints what my eyes see in the world around me and that I can't seem to make my camera capture.


I see and feel in his paintings that same thing I get when I cock my head a certain way and gaze at the horizon or that random row of houses.




All images are from Brian Martin and The Broadstreetstudio.

*Think of them as the shock jocks of the art world.

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