Sunday, January 23, 2011

Curses and other game night hilarity

Last night we celebrated game night at Terra's new home, and as a lover of the old, antique and quirky, I fell a little in love when I first stepped through the door.


Her home had so many hidden details and collections that I could tell it would take weeks of study to unearth them all. If she didn't live so far away and have such a lovely menagerie of animals, I might have tucked myself away in one of the house's many corners and stayed for good.

amazing livingroom picture wall

living room settee

If I'm lucky, maybe she will let me come back during the day to take more pictures and maybe do a little interview with her (and her equally talented sister).

Anyway, we didn't all gather at Terra's just so I could drool over her home. We also kicked off this year's regular game night there! I recommend everyone track down Curses and add it to their stash of games. It guarantees laughter and silliness.

Dora death stare
(Can't you tell Dora is having a blast?)


and then there was jojo

And to see just how silly it gets...

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  1. Love this post! Can you email me the pic you posted here with Me, Dora and Shannon?