Sunday, January 16, 2011


Migrating back to the DC/Northern Virginia area (and not to mention work) always kicks my ass. All of my lofty goals of writing and making and doing get shelved as I focus on cleaning and working and reconnecting. Anyway, I have managed to squeeze in a book passed along to me.

Feed by Mira Grant immediately captured my attention and took me on a journey using some of my favorite topics: blogging, zombies, end-of-the-world scenarios, and political campaigns. While I'm not the zombie aficionado that many of my friends are, I love a good zombie story that spins a realistic tale focusing on survival and the lives of those left. I don't really need (or want) a lot of gore in my zombie books. Give me enough to make me nervous that they are a real threat and leave me biting my nails during certain scenes, but give me more than just munching on brains.

What I liked best about Feed was the plausible* explanation for how zombies are created through a viral infection. Though I initially thought it was a bit I Am Legend, I think she did a better job of detailing the types of viral infections that caused this global calamity and how they inter played within the human body and reanimated the dead. I love nothing more than a writer who puts the time and energy into researching the key themes in their book. My second favorite thing about this book was the way it played out for the Christians and other religious folk who believe in a higher power. Finally, the use of blogging and the world as viewed through new media was just plain fun.

Definitely recommend.

* know what I mean.

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