Monday, August 28, 2006

Hazy days

Today seems to be the day of new beginnings for many. All around me old and new friends are headed off to some kind of academic adventure. New friend Amy flies off to start her first year at Macalester College. Allie begins her senior year at George Mason today. Scarlet begins to whip those little middle school music bitches into shape. Steven...well, he's still putting together his classroom ; )

The beginning of the year frenzy always reminds me of the emotions running through the head of a younger Serena preparing for school. I always viewed August with a mixture of trepidation and excitement. I would get so worked up and nervous that I wouldn't be able to eat and could almost bank on getting a fever blister a couple of days before the start of class. That should go on the top of some "ways to be popular at the beginning of the school year" list...lip herpes.

Some of the excitement came was in large part to how much I enjoyed getting new clothes, shoes and gadgets for the start of the school year. This girl who now wears flip flops used to love the shoe department at Dillards. The leather of Cole Haan and Eastland lured me in, asking me to be the Northeasterner I knew I had it in me to be. I was too into it for my own good. My jeans needed to have names, and those didn't include Levis or Lee. My mom was really good at spoiling me, and I'm still learning not to spoil myself.

Certain "first days" I'll never forget. I can't shake the first day of high school. For some reason, I hadn't bothered to make plans to meet up with friends before going in, so I went in sans reinforcements. Pushing open the doors, I remember being thankful for the air conditioning inside. Being stubborn, I had chosen to wear one of my more fall-like outfits for the first day. I almost turned tail and bolted when an upperclassman whistled and said "fresh meat" when I walked in the door. Suddenly I was sweating and even further from calm.


  1. I'm totally in the same boat as you with all my friends doing "school" things. it's usually this time of year that I start to ask myself "so what did you want to do again?" and more importantly "why haven't you started?"

  2. i am totally in need of a fresh start. i am invoking the spirit of first-days-of-school past to conjur this. eastland...what did they call those shoes, docksiders?

  3. All I wish is that I had the excuse to buy some new Five Star notebooks. Those wonderful supplies made the first day of a new semester of college so, so wonderful.

  4. I have always hated Back To School time. I almost made a face today during the assembly when the principal had the kids yell out "LEARNING!" when he asked, "What are we here for!?" *vomit*

    I do love the September fashion issues, though, but it's so unfair that it's never cold enough to wear those outfits until like, October. Ugh!

  5. eek! yeah, I an orientation halfday on Friday. but reading this, I remember that no matter how nervous I am about all this, EVERYONE gets nervous about all this.

  6. Yusef/Amanda - Maybe August is a great time for us to reevaluate our lives.

    L sass - LOVE school supplies ; )

    Scarlet - Seriously. Why do you think I was so hot? I was willing it to be fall : )

    Connie - You are so going to rock grad school.

  7. New clothes! This was my main stress. No, I was not a good student.

  8. I was a good student and still hated it.

  9. The worst: buying fall clothes in August and not being able to comfortably wear them until mid-October.

    Kind regards,