Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Notes from the middle of nowhere

Yesterday I hopped in a rental and took off for Lexington, Virginia. A six and half hour drive for a ninety minute meeting.

The reason for my visit.

While the meeting turned out to be worth it, spending that much time in on the road with a disposable camera and only my thoughts for company calls for introspection. While I managed to avoid introspection and at best got to daydreaming, I did snap numerous randome photos while speeding by. A few of my "deep thoughts" on Virginia. (click photos for better view)

Routes are more fun to drive than highways.

The sign says 'Sleepy Hollow Motel'. I'm thinking they could use a marketing consultant.

For someone from Texas, these really are mountains.

Boos I made on the road.

Where CIA ops must go to retire.

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I have a strange desire to own a barn.

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Scarlet wanted to know which hand was on the wheel.


  1. I so often want to take pics while driving. It's just unfair I can't stop on the Interstate!

  2. Love the pics.

    Definitely rent The Man Who Cried. It is a wonderful movie. It's about a Russian refugee who falls for a gypsy in pre-war France. No subtitles, no terribly odd artsy stuff. I loved it and ended up buying it.

  3. Oooh! Sidekickin' it while driving! What's that crazy red ainigriV book? You need a Garmin. ;o)

  4. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Why can't you stop? I do it all the time, the touriat I am. On Florida it was the norm, "Oh George alligators, pull over, find my camera, I must take this picture!" Me, the first time I saw the Licoln memorial after 25+ years I made my hubby stop for me to take a picture. Of course DC drivers were not happy, but oh well.

  5. Russians and gypsies? mmmm!

    And this isn't my blog, but I'll reply anyway;) Sometimes I do stop to take the picture, but usually I'm either running late or I look in my rearview mirror and it would be a death wish to try to stop.

  6. mountains. psh. don't get me started about mountains.

  7. a good drive can be so theraputic.