Tuesday, August 22, 2006


August has always been synonymous with vacation. Growing up every August we* would pile into the minivan or station wagon and head out for a week to parts unknown. We did almost every Six Flags at the time, Dollywood, Colorado Springs, and who can forget driving a station wagon through New York City on our way to visit the relatives in Massachusetts and New Hampshire**. Now that I've grown up and am living on my own I still can't shake the feeling every August that vacations are meant to be taken. Working in DC doesn't help considering how the city empties out and gives itself over to the tourists every August. Not me, though. Eight years of slogging through the DC humidity and forcing myself to not daydream of some far away destination. I've actually been doing pretty good this August, taking a vacation day here and there. Better until now. I just finished reading Dan's travelogue chronicling his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance-esque trip last summer. Now I need to escape. I dream of fleeing, flying. The road beckons to me, and yet I resist. Can I make it nine more days until September kills my gypsy dream?

*Mom, brother, grandmother, grandfather
**Yes, this Texan has yankee blood running through her.


  1. We used to go to the beach in August every year. We would often get home the day before school started and Ali and I reminisced about doing our Back To School shopping at the Delaware outlets. It was also awesome bc I got out of one week of stupid Marching Band camp every year.

  2. I like to call it,going on holiday.

    Kind regards,


  3. Rebecca - How Euro ; )

  4. Haha, Robin always says "going on holiday" and everytime she does I would get the Madonna song in my head.

  5. Both my parents were teachers who got July and August off and we would travel throughout, so I get those wistful, nostalgic feelings for both months. I hope you get your holiday!

  6. well, at least August=travel for you... for me I'm thinking August=school :(