Thursday, August 10, 2006

Step Up

I have an odd obsession with dance movies. No matter how cheesy or played out the plots, I have to watch them (and watch them...and watch them) and is why I'll be at the theater this weekend to see Step Up. A good dance movie illustrates passion, hope, conflict...but above all it has lots of dance! Really, though, my fixation with dance is a jealousy at the ability to communicate and express emotion without the use of words. Haven't you ever had the desire to just work something out with your body? To tell someone you love them without opening your mouth? To hammer out your anger with flailing arms? How poetic and satisfying to do so through dance. I imagine a sweet release in sweating and shaking loose those feelings...a high much like I've heard runners talk about.

It's not just movies though. I like it live, documentary style, on name it. My current weekly fix is So You Think You Can Dance. This show is crack and so much better than American Idol, Nashville Star and any other TV talent competition. I'm just mad I missed the first season. Go read Scarlet's commentary on last night's dance off and join the commentary. I also recommend her archives for catching up on the weekly dances.

Since tonight is the finale for Dance, tell me what movies I should add to my dance collection.

current collection: Center Stage, Save the Last Dance, Billy Elliott, The Company, Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, Coyote Ugly, Rize...


  1. It's interesting to read why you like dance so much...the expressing of stuff. That's not why I like it so much, but I'm not sure I can put into words why I do. I think I just like to do/see something that 'looks cool'.

  2. ...that and the fact that I want to be able to do it, too : )

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  4. not really a dance movie, but you should pretend like madonna's documentary 'i want to tell you a secret' is and get it! it has all the ingredients: hot guys, lots of dance numbers and one queen ;)

  5. I feel very much the same way about dance and especially dance movies!

    Also, add Shall We Dance. It may have J Lo in it, but I liked it.

  6. Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas and Yaya from Top Model. I loved it! I loved Step Up, as well.

    Fact: There are never enough movies about dancing. Even if the plot is cheesy, the dance is powerful.