Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I finally saw Step Up yesterday afternoon, and it only further cemented my love of dance movies. Are they formulaic? Indeed. I can't imagine anyone watching your average dance movie for the plot. I don't care. I have accepted the basic plot structure of a dance movie and embrace it. I have no qualms about going to a theater simply to treat myself to a little eye candy...even if it means that Allie and I are probably the oldest people in the theater. Despite this, we may also have been the most annoying. None of other middle school rejects were looking at Kevin Costner in a preview of his new movie and saying, "I'd tap that."

**potential, tiny spoiler**

I knew something would happen to Skinny and that all of their shenanigans would lead to the part where the guy has to choose between a shady life and wanting something better for himself (hello...can you say Save the Last Dance?). I knew he'd get the girl, lose the girl, and wind up winning the girl back. What I didn't expect was for Channing Tatum to be so hott or have such sweet street moves. I was also surprised at how cute the dance outfits were.

Anyway, all of this is to say that I've finally given in. I signed up for ballet on Friday...the first time in roughly 20 years. Is it bad that I'm mostly worried about what outfit I'm going to wear?


  1. whoa! ballet eh? good luck! and no, not weird you're worried about your outfit... i wouldn't have a clue what to wear.

    maybe peak your head in the day before and see what others are donning.

  2. "None of other middle school rejects were looking at Kevin Costner in a preview of his new movie and saying, 'I'd tap that'."

    kevin costner? come on serena. maybe in 1990. just kidding ;) cool bout ballet, you have to wear really pointy shoes....

    interesting uncredited internet facts:

    Ballet was a man’s sport. Women couldn’t participate in the way men could, that was mainly because of their clothes. The men got to wear tights to make it easier for them to move. Women had to wear heavy wigs and huge headdresses. They also had to wear heavy skirts, shoes with heels. Don’t forget their tight corsets that made it really hard to breath.


  3. oh my gosh...i am so excited for you in your dance class. i take hip hop, funk, jazz blended stuff, and i guarentee you that you will be feeling like you NEED to be IN that movie the next time a dance flick comes around.

  4. Oh,rest assured I am not donning the tights. I did 7 years of ballet as a girl and feel like I've got more options now. Of course, I do want a tulle skirt ; )

  5. mmmmmm channing tatum was SO hot!!!

    so were the girls' outfits!!! I can't wait to go dance outfit shopping!

  6. I got away with not wearing the tights and leotard my last year of dance bc I had basketball practice right afterwards so I'd wear that outfit there. She said something once, but I didn't change.

  7. Anonymous2:08 AM

    HAH! isn't it great? i loved it so much i actually have seen it TWICE. now that is serious. college is great. i have all 4 classes m/w/f, 2 labs tues, and then NOTHING on thurs - v exciting! how's b&n? EMAIL ME!

    <3 amy