Friday, September 15, 2006

Riding the Rogue Wave

Went to see Rogue Wave at the Black Cat tonight with Allie. It was a good show with all of the acts being fun and worthy of a listen. I like it when bands touring together seem like families. It's late, so I think I'll just share an inside look at my thoughtlife this evening.

*If she backs into those flower pots, I'm going to be so embarrassed.
*After what I did tonight, you had better be effing worth it.
*I know you love the band, but please stop humping my ass as you press me against the stage in an attempt to dance.
*Thanks for making eyes boys and for the ego boost when you moved up to stand by us.
*Guys should really take advantage of the fact that most girls get turned on by the guys in the band at concerts.
*Tattoos on men turn me on.
*Graham (Rogue Wave), you're a cocky bastard, but I bet you have a veritable harem.
*I refuse to do the indie head bop.


  1. I HATE when guys press all up on me....ew! I also hate when they sing the entire show 1/2 step off, ugh.

    Did you guys stand up front?

  2. Yeah, we were at the very front. And the person dancing on my ass was a drunk girl! 'She was sooooo excited!' Ugh.

  3. You forgot:

    "Allie, I bet you just want to suck on Lennie's big fat lips"


    "I don't know why he didn't feel me scoping out his ass..."

    Pictures (in accordance with our agreement) will be posted momentarily.

  4. I can't post my pics bc it would take about 4.6 days to post the 1000 (yes) I have.

    (not 1000 from shows, but 1000 on my camera)