Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where are thee fair flare?

It is becoming ever more apparent to me that I have lost my flare. As I was walking down the street today I realized that I couldn't blame my utterly drab appearance on this viscious cold I've been fighting. The cold didn't make the black mid-calf skirt and crocs the most comfortable and easy thing to put on. I only acquired the cold last week and certainly can't blame it for the brown Golden Girls-esque coat that has seen me through winter for the past couple of years. My flare (style) slowly started creeping away from me around my junior year of high school. Before then I was a regular mini trendsetter, before my time even. At 13, I was such a brand whore* that my mom took to telling me that I must be adopted. By junior high and high school, I was reading 6-8 fashion magazines a month and could tell you that short hemlines were in and that grey was the new black. I had no clue that just a few years later I would be that angsty teen who sprouted hips overnight. Suddenly boys saying that my crisp white button-down with colorful, transparent rings looked like condoms bothered me. I developed an interest in flying under the radar screen instead making a statement. As the years slipped through my fingers, it wasn't that I had forgotten about fashion or began to think feather boas should be all the rage. I think I just had a hard time reconciling my evolving personality with my evolving body. My latest fashion excuses have included me (1) finding better things to spend my money on and (2) giving myself a guilt trip for even caring about things like fashion (the inner feminist feels we shouldn't care what people think of our appearance). The problem is that, now that I'm ready to find my flare once again and be fierce, I seem to have lost the ability to find my personal style. I'm lucky in that I have the perfect job and career aspirations to allow me to really be as funky as I want to be. How does a girl go about getting her flare back?

*A special thanks to the fashion plates (La Coquette, DCCeline, SVR, Aimee, Says the Asian Leprechan, Fashionologie) posting out there. You guys fanned the flames of my excitement and inspired a flare rebirth.


  1. I'm glad I've never had an inner feminist making me feel guilty about hott outfits.

    This is another reason I dread summer-I have fashion issues with hot weather.

  2. It's hard for me to look hott when I'm HOT. Ugh... sweat is icky.

    And you guys know I have issues with my arms.

    I too used to read a crapload of fashion magazines, I don't know what happened to me. I didn't really get into my own "style" until well into high school. In elementary/middle school I was a big fan of leggings and long, long t-shirts. *sigh*

  3. I'm a real fashionista if the thermometer is below 70. Above that I basically hate going out of the house and I LOATHE the idea of people seeing my flabby arms flailing in the wind.

  4. I'm glad so many people agree about hot weather being the devil fashion-wise. I like skirts but not legs;)

  5. Ah, finding your flare again... such a great feeling. Let us know what you do to find your flare. Might inspire someone else to find their flare. :)

  6. My flare seems to come and go. I got pregnant and was full-on flare: when you're hiding behind a big ol' belly, you might as well go for the DVF and leather maternity pants.

    Then, in the throes of baby exhaustion and the remains of what was once my body, I lost it for about a year. It's now creeping back, starting when I got a chest of vintage clothes from my grandmother. I guess the answer is just to keep trying new things and keep looking for it--it comes back eventually.