Monday, March 06, 2006

Peeling myself off the carpet

Deliver me from my weekend. Don't get me wrong...I had a smashing time. However, three solid days of burning the candle at both ends has me fried. I should have sensed this coming in some way after the train wreck my work afternoon became. I would like to blame stress for the fact that I somehow wound up drinking until 5 am at Ravena's birthday party. Stress also caused me to tell Tice how warm he was, continually tell Brendan his guitar playing was hot, and decide it was a good idea to roll down the grassy slope in Allie's yard, cackling like a banshee. I decided to stockpile stress for next weekend by getting up (was I ever really down?) at 7:30 am to drag my still-tipsy behind to my part-time job at the bookstore.

Never one to back down from a challenge, I spent six hours sobering up at the Barn (work). Then, feeling that I hadn't truly been punished enough, I thought a good way to spend my evening (Saturday) was to have dinner with friends and see a local (3-hour) production of the Sound of Music. They did a fine job, but I still fell asleep no less than 3 time throughout the course of the night.

I finally drug my rear home around midnight, only to get up a few short hours later to pull a Sunday shift at the Barn. I know you're sighing with relief at the fact that at least I got home early on Sunday evening to rest up for the work week. Oh but if it were true. I had tickets to the New Pornographers and Belle & Sebastian last night, so instead of seeking the comfort of my bed and Oscars I traipsed to DC. The concert was worth the lack of sleep. Just don't expect more than this feeble weekend recap so early on a Monday morning. I'm still trying to figure out when I'm supposed to rest.


  1. You should call out of the Barn tonight.

  2. If only that were an option. The only possitive thing is you know how much I'll love playing the martyr.

  3. Hahha yay! It still pisses me off I never get to use sick time there.


  5. I would feel sorry for you but you got to see Belle & Sebastian so my envy cancels out my empathy! hehehe.

    p.s. I lerve your template.

  6. Rest? What's that! Hopefully it was a ton of fun to make up for the rough day.

    At least Monday is almost over, right?

  7. Allie - Shouting 'bear' will forever bring a smile and a blush to my face. ; )

    Ms. Q - Thanks (template)!

    Mindi - No rest for the bold, eh?

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